a few ckt and site updates

i don't post much on this blog because the scripts i used to generate it were broken!

published on 2021-08-17

i don't post much on this blog, because i don't have much to post about because the scripts i used to generate this site were broken.

i've got plenty of stupid thoughts i'd like to share on here that i haven't been able to because i haven't been bothered to fix my site, but i've finally done it! my blog is now live for a second time.

1. i've moved to a new domain! no longer am i on random cro.wtf subdomains, i am on cricket.piapiac.org for everything, which i feel is more identifiable, or whatever

2. i've created a ckt parser in ocaml (ockt), which was fun to write.

3. i now generate this site using ocaml rather than zig! ocaml is actually a stable language, so it won't break from under my feet when im too lazy to accustom to the changes! it's also easier to cobble together ocaml stuff as a scripting language than to use zig that way.

4. i'm reworking the ckt spec (ckt) and may be changing it a little, or whatever

the last of my sites to be moved to this domain is my art page (bushcrow), which is not generated with the rest of this site!

that's all! subscribe to the atom feed to get updated on when i post in the future.